Mighty Scared

Learn about the wild, wacky and downright disgusting ways some animals react out of fear.

Are you afraid of the dark? Of getting lost? Or of something you saw in a movie? Maybe someone laughed at you for being scared or called you a chicken. That’s okay! In fact, it’s how humans stay safe in scary situations.

While people might run or scream, animals have amazing ways of protecting themselves when they’re afraid. Fulmar birds vomit, Texas horned lizards shoot blood from their eyes and hagfish slime their enemies. Full of incredible and sometimes gross animal facts, Mighty Scared explores how mammals, insects, fish and birds around the world respond when scary predators are near.

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Reviews for Mighty Scared

  • ★ “Gr 1-3–It’s nearly impossible to think clearly when danger lurks and fear sets in—but life in the animal world often doesn’t leave a moment to pause. In this enthralling text, ­Silver provides readers with entertaining facts along with additional sidebar prompts that bring everyone into the dialogue. Front and center are the (sometimes gross and icky) survival traits that act as protection for certain animals when they’re face-to-face with a predator. The reality of feeling scared can be yucky—but who doesn’t love an opossum whose theatric abilities win best actor for playing dead while emitting an odiferous stink, or learning of the pygmy sperm whale who “pppffts” blobs of ink to repel enemies? A glossary accompanied by a supplemental resource section empowers readers to understand their own human coping mechanisms, while colorful, detailed images soaked in softly muted earth tones build a base of strong general knowledge. The challenge for readers young and old will be to see who says “ew” first! VERDICT A thoroughly engaging, fact-filled book with audacious and memorable animal responses to predators. A must-have for every library.”
    – Lyn Smith, School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW
  • “A juicy topic [that] goes for gusto.”
    – Kirkus Reviews
  • “Though most readers would not want to encounter any of the animals highlighted in Mighty Scared… they will be both fascinated and repulsed by the rather disgusting survival techniques mentioned, all part of the book’s appeal! Recommended.”
    – CM: Canadian Review of Materials
  • “With peppy prose and colourful, detailed illustrations, this slim value introduces a surprising range of self-protective traits and behaviors from across the animal kingdom…An endnote aims to connect the animal defences featured to kids’ responses to feeling frightened, with suggestions for calming fears, like taking deep breaths. The lively approach and unusual focus set this animal book apart.”
    – Booklist